16 Jan

From Medical Supplies to Tartan Supplies | New Franchise Men In Kilts Charleston

Meet Michael & Lisa LaPlant, who will be some of Men In Kilts newest Franchise Owners bringing the magic of the kilt to Charleston, SC. Michael and Lisa have been living in Charleston on and off for several years, but have been full time residents now since September 2015. Owning their own medical supply business for 20 years taught this power couple what it takes to not only run a business, but...
16 Nov

A Date With The Dragons

Chris (Men In Kilts CEO) and Robyn Carrier (Chris' business partner for the past 25 years) were sitting in their living room watching the CBC hit series Dragons Den, one of their favourite shows. They had talked about it numerous times but this time they decided, it’s time to face the Dragons fire. 
28 Sep


Conejo Valley, CA, September 21, 2016 - Family and community minded, young couple, Aaron and Lauren Swindell are ready to bring smiles to the world, one kilt at a time, as the new Men In Kilts Franchise Owners for Conejo Valley, California. Congratulations!
02 Sep

One Year Later...

About six months ago, we told you the story about Chuck, a pressure washing entrepreneur who had joined us after we had learned that he had been robbed of all his equipment in broad daylight by gun wielding assailants. After that harrowing experience, Chuck accepted an offer from us to come to Men In Kilts, and he has now been with us for exactly one year. You’ll recall that Chuck joined the US...
25 Aug

Rider Nation Meets New 'Green' Powerhouse Brand

  Saskatoon, SK - August 2nd, 2016 Ardiena Schatz, a young lass from a farming community near Saskatoon, is now the owner of the first Men In Kilts window and exterior cleaning franchise in Saskatchewan. Their green and yellow Wallace Hunting kilts have been turning heads around town since the business scheduled its first job in late June.  
29 Jul

Cincinnati Joins the Men In Kilts Clan

CINCINNATI, OH, July 21, 2016 – If you're wondering why there have been so many green, black, and yellow kilts around town lately, you're not seeing things.