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How to Keep Everything Including Your Dog Safe from Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures getting to you yet?

Winter is fully upon us and it can be a dangerous time of year because of those freezing temperatures… But don’t worry, there are precautions you can take besides trying to dodge those icicles hanging around your home!

How can you prevent freezing temperatures from affecting your home?

Freezing Temperatures & Home Care | Men In Kilts

  • Get regular maintenance on your heating system - the last thing you need is to have your furnace breakdown in the middle of winter!
  • Shut off outside water taps to prevent freezing
  • If you are in a colder enough climate with freezing condition, install de-icing cables! These can prevent gutter dams and icicles from forming along the edges of your home. Our Boston locations actually provide this service!
  • Reverse your ceiling fan to push warm air back down (warm air rises)
  • Stock your home with supplies to prepare in case a power outage occurs knocking out your sources of heat (warm blankets, flashlights, non-perishable food, candles etc.)
  • Related, but worthy of having its own point, having a small generator can really be a lifesaver. The existence of home phones and landlines are slowly depleting and you will not be able to call for assistance, if needed, if your cell phone is dead!
  • Ensure weather stripping around your windows or doors is still in good condition, If not, make sure you replace it in order to keep the cold out and warm air in.
  • Clear your roof of snow - leaving lots of snow on your roof can not only be dangerous to unfortunate passersby, but it also can damage the integrity of your roof if left for a long time.
What about freezing temperatures affecting your car?

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  • Keep your windshield wiper fluid topped up and make sure it can withstand freezing temperatures. Also keep this in mind for your oil as freezing temperatures can affect its viscosity
  • Check your battery, if it has been more than 3 years, it may be time to get a new battery
  • If it is that cold, get a block heater to help your car start and warm up
  • Keep kitty litter handy - if you need to get out of a slippery driveway, putting this under your tires can help
  • Keep an emergency kit, similar to the one mentioned above, but be sure to add jumper cables and maybe a tire pump
Don’t forget about your pets! Freezing temperatures can take a toll on your little fur babies!

Freezing Temperatures & Pet Care | Men In Kilts

  • Only you know your pet - different pets can handle cold differently. Watch out for signs that indicate they are too cold (trembling, fatigue, slow breathing, dry skin and slow mobility are a few signs to look out for!)
  • It is better to be safe and try to keep them inside more during the winter. Even dogs with long hair have their limits - better safe than sorry
  • Check their paws, the cold ground or snow can have damaging effects on their paws. Also be sure to check for ice stuck between their toes
  • Put a sweater on them! Especially for little short haired breeds, plus this lets you give them a little style!
  • Their paws and bellies can pick up traces of substances like salt or antifreeze from walking outside. Give them a wipe down to eliminate them licking it up and getting really sick

We might not be able to help you with your car or pets (although we do love dogs here!) but we can definitely help you with some winter services around your home. Give us a call if you need snow cleared and we can take care of that too.

In our Boston and Boston North Shore locations we can help even further with a wide array of winter services. Check it out if you need icicles and ice dams removed from hard to reach places, de-icing cables installed and more general snow related services.

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