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It’s Valentines Day, the day of love.

Today is usually reserved for those who have that special someone in their life, a day to shower them with flowers, chocolates or dinner, but there is something just as important you should remember today. YOUR HOME!

Yes, the place where you rest your head each evening, where you keep warm and take comfort. Your home protects you and brings shelter to your family. Your home needs love too and we have come up with a great list of ways you can show your home some well-deserved love this time of year.




We know that the gutters on your home are gross and dirty, and not attractive but they play a crucial role in caring for your home.

The gutters on your home redirect all the rain/snow melt so that it doesn’t create leaks in your roof and walls. Water can also rot wooden foundations, flood basements and erode your landscape. Clogged gutters can make the perfect nesting grounds for rodents, whom through tiny holes in your roof, will find their way into your home. Stagnant water from blocked gutters becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects and produces a foul odor. 


Gutters that are uncared for can turn from a necessity into a nightmare leaving you with expensive repairs and insurance claims.


Usually people tend to only clean their gutters when they notice issues, but this can be costly because the damage is often already done.


Be smart and love your home by getting its gutters cleaned frequently.

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What better way to love your home than to give it a wash?


Most of us spend our time cleaning the inside of our home but what about the outside?


Everyday your home is subject to the elements and is ravaged by wind, rain, sleet and snow. Your home deserves some love.


The number one reason for washing your home and driveway is curb appeal. The simple fact that a clean home and driveway looks a lot better than a dirty one. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to sell your home. But did you know there are actual health and maintenance reasons to wash your home?


People ask, “why is my home turning green”? Many homes are prone to mold, mildew and rust build up on the exterior brick, siding or wood. It's important to clean the outside of your house regularly to remove any mold, mildew or rust. Mold on your home can be unhealthy for your family. The most common reactions to mold and airborne allergens are wheezing, watery eyes, runny nose and a rash. If someone in your family has asthma, removing the mold will certainly help to maintain their quality of life. Also, algae and mold on your deck, patio or driveway can become a dangerous slipping hazard for kids, pets and elderly family members.


Don’t want any pesky bugs or rodents moving in? Washing your home can prevent termites, bugs and rodents from getting up in your walls and destroying your home.


Having your home washed by Men In Kilts professional, kilted technicians, will not only make your home sparkle, create fantastic curb appeal and give you a sense of wellbeing but will also protect your families’ health and safety.





The harsh seasons can really give your windows a bad look. Don’t let that grimy film on your windows darken the spirit of your home. Give them some special treatment and bring some sunlight and positive atmosphere back into your life. When giving your windows a clean, Men In Kilts can also make sure that there are no gaps, cracks or issues letting in the cold and out the warmth.



Giving your home that love today will only add value to it. Most people in the market of buying a home make their first decision based on the exterior. A little love today for your home will go a long way in the future.


If this list has given you that spark to give your home that much needed love but you don’t have the time, expertise or resources to do it yourself, Men In Kilts is here.


Men In Kilts offers year round window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and house washing services. If there is snow in your area, we will gladly give you a hand taking care of snow removal as well.


Contact our lovely customer service agents today by calling 1-800-777-KILT (5458) and they will gladly assist you with a free estimate. Be sure to check out and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well to see us in action!


Have a great Valentines Day and remember…No Peeking!


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