02 Sep

One Year Later...

About six months ago, we told you the story about Chuck, a pressure washing entrepreneur who had joined us after we had learned that he had been robbed of all his equipment in broad daylight by gun wielding assailants. After that harrowing experience, Chuck accepted an offer from us to come to Men In Kilts, and he has now been with us for exactly one year. You’ll recall that Chuck joined the US Marines one month before 9/11 and just before his 18th birthday. He has a son, Jay, who is now 9 years old. He now looks back at the robbery as a bit of a blessing in disguise, since it ended up bringing him to us here at Men In Kilts.
Chuck as a US Marine
Chuck has continued to grow within the Men In Kilts organization and has become our most popular and skilled Kilted Tech. When we have a large or complex job to do, he is the guy we tap to get it done. For example, the photo above is of Chuck cleaning windows on one of the buildings at Rice University. He has become our resident expert in cleaning multi-story buildings using our waterfed poles and pure water that leaves windows as high as five or six stories sparkling. The technology is now the standard in Europe, and Men In Kilts is helping to bring it to the United States. Pure water technology runs tap water through de-ionization and reverse osmosis, taking out the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water. When zero TDS water is used in cleaning windows, it dries spotless, leaving the glass gleaming.
We have also learned that Chuck is a great trainer for new technicians, as well as creative in keeping all of the equipment we use in top condition. For these skills and his dedication to Men In Kilts, we are proud to announce that Chuck has been promoted to Field Manager, responsible for training, troubleshooting, and providing the advice and supervision Kilted Techs need as they grow in their jobs.
Men In Kilts Mission and Values
Chuck has embraced the mission and values of Men In Kilts and lives by these values every day. These values are the key to our success; and, since our kilted techs work on their own over 90% of the time, the responsibility for managing their routes and taking care of their customers lay squarely on their own shoulders.
We are very proud of Chuck and the way he has grown and developed over this past year; we look forward to many more years of working with him as he leads our field technicians to provide great customer service and bring smiles to the world, one kilt at a time.
If you need window cleaning, pool service, pressure washing, or other services to make your home sparkle, you can always call us at 800-777-KILT or find us on the web at meninkilts.com/houston.
Also, Men In Kilts is always looking for awesome individuals to join our team. If you believe this description fits you, we would love to speak with you. Click here to find out more

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