09 Dec

Men In Kilts Orillia Hit the Map in Ontario

Men In Kilts Orillia is open and ready for business! We are very excited to have Orillia, Ontario open as the newest Men In Kilts location. Orillia, which also serves Barrie, is the second location to open in Ontario (the other being Toronto) and the thirteenth location to open in North America.
24 Jul

You Can’t Rain on The Men In Kilts Parade

The Men In Kilts Are Here! Here at Men In Kilts we love participating in parades. We enjoy putting down our squeegees and going out into the community, interacting and getting to know the people we serve. Being active in our community is something our brand is all about and it is a big part of our mission to bring smiles to the world… one kilt at a time!
20 Jul

Tartan Values | Goals, Greatness and Growth

When I grow up I… Thanks for joining me for our last post of our Tartan Values series. I have loved getting to review the core values of our brand and sharing the stories of the people who make those values come alive. Last week we talked about Gumption (need a refresher? Check it out here) but this week we are diving into our last value, Growth.
15 Jul

Water Watch! 14 Ways To Waste Less Water

Get out of the shower and turn off the tap! Throughout much of North America, we have seen some record setting temperatures this summer and although that means more fun in the sun and on the beach, there are also some serious implications that come with this excessive heat.
10 Jul

Tartan Values | Gumption That Gets You Going Strong

Put your back into it! Welcome back to our 4th installment in the Tartan Values series where we are taking a break from window washing to explore what makes Men In Kilts a great company. Last week we talked about integrity, but this week we get to explore an even more unique value within our company.
26 Jun

Tartan Values | Small Beginnings, Big Dreams and Passion

What makes you care about what you do? Welcome to the second post in our series focused on Tartan Values! Last time we talked about People but this time we’ll be talking about another value that helps drive our business forward. Without this, Men In Kilts would cease to exist. What am I talking about? Passion.
22 Jun

Veterans Kilted Up by Men In Kilts Houston

Veterans Are Important To Us With the exception of a brief period of time at the end of the Viet Nam war, we have always honored our military veterans. This has been especially true since the early nineties after the first Gulf War when we once again welcomed them home with parades and celebrations. Unfortunately, though, our respect and gratitude for their service haven’t always translated into...
05 Jun

7 Reasons the Right Choice Can Keep Our Planet and Ourselves Alive

Biodegradable and Green vs. Industrial and Toxic What is the right choice? How does this choice affect our health and our planets health?
26 May

Clear The Gutters! Top 5 Reasons to Worry About Water Damage At Home

There are certain measures that every homeowner needs to take to minimize risks and damage to their homes when nature comes pouring down hard. The number one thing homeowners can do is make sure the flow of water is unobstructed in order to keep heavy rain from flooding their home; this is important for your storm drains, gutters and downspouts.
22 May

Houston, We Have Lift Off | Men In Kilts Franchise Launch

Houston, prepare to get a lot cleaner because some kilt-clad workers are going to be seen around town cleaning windows, gutters, siding as well as pressure washing. In fact, if you are a resident of Southwest Houston you may have already seen our tartan trucks and kilts around town!