19 Apr

Country Living Dreams About Men In Kilts

Who wouldn’t want to write an article about Men In Kilts?
15 Jan

How to Keep Everything Including Your Dog Safe from Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures getting to you yet? Winter is fully upon us and it can be a dangerous time of year because of those freezing temperatures… But don’t worry, there are precautions you can take besides trying to dodge those icicles hanging around your home!
22 Dec

Lets Share the Good Times of 2015

We had a lot of good times in 2015. We laughed, had fun, grew, and gained more traction and momentum across North America. Though 2015 isn’t over, we wanted to take a good look back at the year past and share some of the highlights and good times. We also wanted to let you know that if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.
17 Dec

11 Scottish Gifts For Those that LOVE Scotland

Out of gift ideas? Don’t worry we have your back! This is not a list of last-minute gifts that will save you from embarrassment nor a list of sub-par gifts that will make people say, “Oh…Thanks…” You can find lists like that elsewhere.
10 Dec

The Best Times of Year to Have Home Service Done

The age-old question: when does my home require service(s)? What are the best times of year for window cleaning, gutter cleaning and other big chores?
09 Dec

Men In Kilts Orillia Hit the Map in Ontario

Men In Kilts Orillia is open and ready for business! We are very excited to have Orillia, Ontario open as the newest Men In Kilts location. Orillia, which also serves Barrie, is the second location to open in Ontario (the other being Toronto) and the thirteenth location to open in North America.
01 Dec

Why You Should NEVER Put Up Christmas Lights Again

Caution! You are not going to want to put up your Christmas Lights this year! Do you see the Jones’ house down the street and aspire to have a house like theirs? Decorated with elaborate lighting on the roof, around the windows, and even up the drainpipe? Instead your house looks like this….
18 Nov

The Most Important Places to Clean in Your Home!

What are the most important places to clean in your home?? We all know the feeling when company is over, maybe for the holidays, and suddenly there is that one spot in your home that was overlooked and forgotten about when you were cleaning. There is suddenly that moment of panic, and you think to yourself, “Will they notice?”
10 Nov

Guest Post: What Reusable Products Should You Consider?

Reusable you say? At Men In Kilts we are all about green and reusable cleaning products. That is why we have our Green Commitment!
04 Nov

Common Household Accidents To Tell Your Kids About

Accidents happen… but not all common household accidents have to! Men In Kilts has your back when it comes to window, gutter and pressure washing, but we aren’t always there to keep watch you know. There will be times when you have to take care of yourself after we leave, but not to worry. We have put together a list of the most common household accidents so you can be aware of them and take...